4 Steps to the Perfect White T Shirt


I’ll set the scene.  You’re staring into your closet. Nothing is jumping out at you. You feel calm, fresh, focused and ready to start your day. The goal is to look put together, approachable, stylish, and comfortable. This should be easy. You pull out a white t. Too see through! You pull out another. Too short! Another without shape. And another, too tight. Another, and another. Then, you buy your 30th white t that is still not perfect. To be cool girl chic, the struggle is real.

I like to blame the inability to wear a perfect crisp white t on my baby and his love for food that stains. You may not have that luxury.

I have put together a 4 step guide to help you buy your next white t.

  1. Choose a weight: Tissue? Slub? Regular? (I don’t actually know if that is a thing)
  2. Neckline: Scoop? V? Crew?
  3. Fit: Loose? Oversized? Fitted? Boyfriend? Cropped?
  4. Material: Cotton? Model? Rayon? Pima?
  5. Bonus: Stain stick!

Then, shop your price point.

Over $150

Under $100